Detox Series - Drybrushing

June F

Posted on September 06 2016

We live in a toxic world so daily forms of detoxifying are a foundation to wellness. There are many ways I like to detox so I am going to share the various ways I detox daily in this series.


Not only does this help to exfoliate the dead skin off your body but it removes toxins that are excreted through your skin, stimulates your lymphatic system and can even help to reduce cellulite. Start drybrushing from the bottom up - from your feet up your legs. Use long strokes and always drybrush towards your heart. Brushing towards the heart is key as this is how the lymphatic system circulates. After each leg I move onto my abdomen, breasts, derriere and then my back. I tend to be much firmer on my thighs and derriere and gentler on my abdomen and breasts. Remember this is dry-brushing, not scrubbing! When I dry brush my arms I raise my arm that is being dry-brushed and move the strokes downwards towards my heart. My favorite dry brush is the one by Aromatherapy Associates. Some days I spend a few minutes to dry brush and on others I can spend up to ten minutes dry brushing. I love to envision all the toxins being brushed off my body. Follow with a shower and if you're feeling brave alternating between a cold burst of water by a warm one is great for boosting the circulation even more.