Beauty Starts From Within

June Farahan

Posted on April 03 2016


In a world fascinated with physical appearances we are apt to focus solely on how we look. However, beauty really starts from within and without feeling beautiful and healthy, all the skincare and makeup products in the world just won't be as effective. This is why I believe the pursuit of beauty and wellness go hand in hand.

Every morning after my shower, skincare routine and walking my fur baby, I drink a cup of hot water with lemon and turmeric and cayenne pepper. This is usually followed either by a small shot of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar or the vinegar diluted in a cup of hot water.  This cleanses the liver and aids in the daily detoxification process. I try my best to consume as much hot water "tonics" throughout the day. Variety is key and and I love the range of tonic powders from Sun Potion.

Juicing is also a part of my weekly ritual and as my body does not take too well to consuming cold drinks and food, my fresh juices are never ice cold. The best juice days for me are days when I have shopped at the farmers market and the veggies are fresh. The fresher the veggies, the more nutrition-packed the juices are. When juicing it is crucial to use only organic fruits and veggies! Washing them all thoroughly is just as important. There are various fruit and vegetable washes on the market but another alternative is to use a teaspoon of organic baking powder and a tablespoon of white vinegar mixed in a large bowl of filtered water. Leave the items in there for a minute and then wash the fruits and veggies. Spinach gets covered in a lot of dirt since it is grown near the ground so be diligent.

There is really nothing better than home-made fresh juice. It takes more work and time but your body and your skin will thank you!

Today's juice recipe was made with spinach, celery, carrots, beet, ginger and lemon.