The Longevity Book

June Farahan

Posted on June 10 2016

This book will be one of my essentials that I refer to and read again and again.

One of the key messages in the book is the perception of aging and beauty. Turning 40 was a milestone for Cameron Diaz just as it is for many women and men. It is clearly stated this is "not an anti-aging" book" and it is not a book about how to look younger but more so coming to the realization that we are all indeed aging on a cellular level constantly and how we can maximize the quality of our lives, rather than focusing on how to stop the aging process which is impossible.

I love the fact that it is such a useful book; full of scientific information and facts as well as a general emphasis on how we all need to look at aging in a new perspective. As it appropriately says on the cover the book is about "the science of aging, the biology of strength and the privilege of time". I watched an interview with Cameron Diaz on Dr.Oz and she mentioned how she loves chemistry and science and this book really shows her gusto for it. She discusses geroscience (the relationship between aging and age-related diseases), the chromosome and cellular differences between men and women and stem cell research. There are also sections on common health issues such as thyroid disease, hormonal changes, screening for breast cancer and heart disease. You don't have to be in medical school to understand all the terminologies and in fact I love the reality check this book gives the reader.    

What I also appreciated is the emphasis that was made to ask your doctor a lot of questions. I think most of us just want to get a doctor's visit over as fast as possible and unfortunately many doctors try to keep the appointment short too. It is an emphasis on awareness and taking charge of your health and your life. Too many people take the word of doctors like gospel, receive prescriptions, fill it and take whatever it is they have prescribed.

The latter third of the book focuses on the hows of living well and the book states "the trifecta of strength - nutrition, movement, sleep - is the most important tool we have to protect ourselves as we age". It delves into the Mediterranean diet and eating for cardiovascular health, improving your mood, your brain, fighting age-related diseases and obesity. Last but not least, the discussion of developing and maintaining quality relationships, meditating, relaxing and laughing and the importance of this is a hallelujah in my book. We all have busy lives and easily forego the time to make plans with our good friends and family and really valuing those relationships. The human social connection is sooo important in this age of technology.

This book is almost like an everyday person's easy to understand medical book combined with a guide to eating well and living well to live your best life, mind, body and spirit. It is bursting with information that we should all be aware of and understand. I am glad I bought this book in hardback form so I can refer to specific sections from time to time. It is a keeper and highly recommended!